Alessandra Di Gennaro

Alessandra di Gennaro

Born in 1994 in L’Aquila (Italy), Alessandra began her piano studies at age of four with her father. In 2005 Elena Matteucci welcomed Alessandra to her class at the Conservatorio di Musica Alfredo Casella in L’Aquila, where in 2014 she obtained her Master degree ‘cum laude’. In 2015, thanks to an Erasmus scholarship, she moved to The Hague, where she is now completing her musical education at the Koninklijk Conservatorium Dnen Haag under the guidance of pianist Ellen Corver. In 2019 she obtained her second Bachelor Degree in Classical Piano with a special distinction assigned by the jury for her “artistic personality”.

Alessandra performs regularly classical and contemporary music both as soloist and with chamber music ensembles in major venues in Holland, Italy and abroad and she is invited to prestigious festivals. Some of the most notable are Festival Dag in de Branding in Zuiderstrandtheater The Hague), Serie Klassiek in De Doelen (Rotterdam), Young Music Capital Concerts, Haagse Kunstkring (Den Haag), Kamermuziek Festival Haagse Hout (Den Haag), Prague Summer Music Festival, Festival dei due mondi (Spoleto), La Biennale di Venezia, Incontri musicali (Milano), Hans Abrahamsen Festival (The Hague), Associazione concertistica B.Barattelli, Auditorium del Parco (L’Aquila), Accademia Filarmonica Romana (Rome) and Accademia musicale Praeneste (Rome).

In the last years Alessandra is developing her passion for contemporary music: pretty remarkable are her collaborations with composers like Anna Thorvaldsdottir, Anna Korsun, Kate Moore, Hans Abrahamsen, and with great institutions such as Dutch National Opera Academy, New European Ensemble, Asko | Schönberg Ensemble etc.

She has also been prized in many National Piano Competitions in Italy, such as the “Concorso di esecuzione musicale Rotary club Teramo est” (second prize, 2014) and the “Concorso Nazionale Marco Dall’Aquila” (second prize, 2012).

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