Satomi Chihara

Fiery and powerful yet precise and controlled – Satomi Chihara combines the seeming opposites through her Japanese discipline and her European sense of music. Her career as a concert pianist has opened up after winning the third prize at the Young Pianists Foundation in category two (2015) and Princess Christina Competition in Haarlem.

For her final recital of her bachelor degree, she was awarded the special talent scholarship of the Jacques Vonk Fund, dedicated to graduates of extraordinary ability. She has performed in prominent concert halls in the Netherlands such as Muziekgebouw aan ’t IJ and TivoliVredenburg, churches, salons and houses as well.
She is ambitious to performing in smaller places as much as she enjoys performing at big venues. She finds communicating with her fans very precious. In 2017 she formed Duo Op.21 with Elizaveta Agrafenina (soprano).

They are giving concerts around the Netherlands with widely ranging repertoire which includes opera arias, German lied, French songs, Scandinavian composer’s works and Dutch (including female) composer’s works. Satomi Chihara is also active as an accompanist. She has accompanied at major competitions in the Netherlands such as Cello Biennale (2018) and Oscar back (2018). Along the way, her past and present mentors Ms. Misako Shimizu, Prof. Nobutatsu Kawashima, Prof. Willem Brons and Prof. Naum Grubert have kindled her wide ranging repertoire, which can be enjoyed in venues throughout the Netherlands.