Pierre Delignies

Warmly acclaimed by both public audiences and critics, Pierre Delignies stands out in his generation for his care of sound, his infallible technique and the depth of his message. Born in 1990, the young Pierre Delignies studied piano at the conservatory of his hometown, Santander, with professors Miguel Sierra and Irini Gaitani. Subsequently, with a scholarship award from the Botín Foundation, he moved to San Sebastián, where he completed his Bachelor studies at the Musikene with professors Marta Zabaleta, Miguel Borges, and Ricardo Descalzo for contemporary music, graduating with honors. In 2012, after receiving another scholarship from the Botín Foundation as well as the Albéniz Foundation, Delignies began studying in the Queen Sofia College of Music under the pedagogy of Prof. Galina Eguiazarova, who, at the end of the 2013-2014 year, awarded him the title of Most Outstanding Student in The Class. Delignies had the honor of receiving this award from Her Majesty the Queen Sofia of Spain. Currently, Pierre studies a Master program in the Conservatory of Amsterdam, with Maestro Naum Grubert, and Ralph van Raat in contemporary repertoire. He was awarded the “Special Talent” prize, given by the Jacques Vonk Fund. in the basis of his outstanding entrance exam. He also was awarded a full coverage scholarship by the spanish bank La Caixa foundation to explore the contemporary repertoire. Despite his still short stay in The Netherlands, Pierre has already performed in the biggest and most prestigious halls like Het Muziekgebouw and Het Concertgebouw in Amsterdam, Tivoli Vredenburg in Utrecht and De Doelen in Rotterdam. Some of his current recording projects include Dutch music by R. Escher and T. Loevendie. His first solo CD “Shades of Melancholy” released in April 2016 with the label Orpheus was acclaimed by the press, and was awarded the prize “Melómano de Oro” in the musical magazine Melómano. Pierre Delignies has worked with many renowned professors such as Dmitri Bashkirov, Claudio Martínez Mehner, Eldar Nebolsin, Pavel Gililov, Mariana Gurkova, Helen Krizos, Josep Colom, Luca Chiantore, Robert Levin, Naum Grubert and Dmitri Alexeev. He has performed in Spanish cities such as Madrid, Barcelona, Santander, Oviedo, Segovia, Bilbao, Vitoria, San Sebastián, León, and El Escorial, as well as abroad, in cities such as París (France) and Oporto (Portugal). Some of his most outstanding performances have been aired on National Spanish Radio. In addition, Delignies has taken part in many festivals, including the Festival Internacional de Santander, where he appeared as a soloist with the Youth Orchestra of Cantabria under the baton of maestro Jaime Martín; Encuentro de Música y Academia in Santander, where his performances were aired live online on Classical Planet; Festival Musika-Música in Bilbao and Festival Quincena Musical in San Sebastián. He also performed in Teatro Victoria Eugenia as a soloist with the Musikene Symphonic Orchestra with conductor Paul Murphy, and with the Basque Country Symphonic Orchestra, under the batute of Jun Märkl. Pierre Delignies also takes part in many chamber music groups and projects. He has worked with professors such as Eva Pereda, Benedicte Palko, Anthony Pay, Alexander Bonduriansky, Luis Fernando Pérez and Marta Gulyás, and performed as a chamber musician in the National Auditorium of Music in Madrid, Festival Quincena Musical in San Sebastián, Encuentro de Música y Academia in Santander, as well as various other concerts in France and Spain. Some of the rising young musicians he performed with are: Mohamed Hiber, David Martín, Furong Li, Sergio Castelló, cellist Fermín Villanueva, winner of the 2014 Juventudes Musicales España competition, as well as consecrated flutist Félix Renggli. In addition, Delignies has performed as part of the National Spanish Youth Orchestra in various symphonic and chamber events, including the Contemporary Music Festival in Alicante, and recording works by composer Sergio Cervetti. He has won First Prize Ex Aequo in the "Santa Cecilia" Competition in Portugal, second prize in the "Certámen de Música Regional" in Cantabria, and has been a finalist in the "Ciudad de Játiva", "Intercéntros Melómano", and "Infanta Cristina" competitions. Pierre Delignies is without a doubt a rising musical talent who is becoming a reference in the incipient generation in Spain. With a sincere, temperamental and intricate style, this pianist is building what the public and many artists demand: music that goes to its roots without banal ornaments, and an honest and close connection with his audience.

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