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Koenraad Spijker

Koenraad was born in 1991, in Amsterdam. He started his lessons at the age of six and soon was seen in several children’s competitions. When he was eleven he started playing the drums instead, and here he first found his interests in Latin-American rhythms and harmonies. In search of the origins of this wonderful music he returned to the piano, and started his lessons with the Argentinian pianist Juan Pablo Dobal with whom he studied in harmonic theory and in the art of free improvisation for two years. At the age of 17 he started studying at the conservatory of Utrecht with the Hungarian pianist Klára Würtz. He finished his studies with the highest mark, a 10. In 2017 he finished his master studies, again with Klara Wurtz, with a 9.6. In the same period he studied jazz piano with the legendary Bert van den Brink, and composition with Caroline Ansink. During these years his preferences and earlier fascinations culminated in the finding of the music of Russian composer Alexander Scriabin, a composer that according to Koenraads vision ‘has it all’. His final recital existed solely of works by the Russian master and in his thesis he researched the harmonic morphogenesis in Scriabin’s piano sonatas and later symphonies. Currently he is studying in Sofia, Bulgaria, with professor Atanas Kurtev, a master in Scriabin’s music. He played in national and international festivals in classical- and chamber music, improvisation and world-music.​

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