The Robert F.W. Bruinsma Foundation

The idea for this foundation arose a long time ago, following the passing of my husband Robert Bruinsma. We wanted to help young people on their way and provide them with opportunities to further develop their talents. Our attention was predominantly focused on piano students.

It took several years before our idea began to take shape. In 2015 we finally launched the Robert F.W. Bruinsma Foundation!

It became a foundation that supports mainly young musical talent, both financially and practically, and offers them a platform to present themselves. Not just to an audience, but also to representatives of concert halls and music agencies.

The board of our foundation consists of three enthusiastic and competent people. Furthermore, we managed to gather several experts to support us in the musical area. I consider myself very lucky to have these people around! Their presence, thoughts and advice are a great contribution to this project.

We have had a lot of plans from the beginning, but we started with converting the former Andreas church in Naarden Vesting to a concert hall. This will be our foundation for the future. Our own place where young, talented pianists can come to make music, perform and practise with friends. But we also welcome other cultural talents! The transformation of the building was completed in the beginning of 2018, and BIJ ANDREAS is now a fact.

During the renovation we already contacted music schools, conservatories and other cultural institutions. Time and again, they will let us know which talent needs our support, and in what way we can provide that support.

​Hankie Bruinsma Verbrugh